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This is my writing place, generated as a static site with Jekyll. It collects the more time-resistant things I've written since 2003/2004 (older posts are mostly Romanian, recent ones mostly in English).

I'm a indie software developer in Romania. Almost a decade ago I started blogging while getting my MSc degree from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris (France). Starting with 2006 I've been working from home as a freelancer/consultant. I wrote my first iPhone apps in 2008; since then, iOS apps became my exclusive focus and passion.

Out of my tens of smaller or bigger apps, the ones you definitely should check out are:

Self Help Classics

Apple Staff Favorite, a must-have lifechanging ebook library of classic masterpieces on self help, success and inspiration from greatest thinkers, business men and gurus.

Clean Writer Pro

OSX text editor for writers & creative people: fast, powerful, minimalist. Color themes, minimal UI, Markdown, basic RTF & more.

Clean Writer for iPad

Distraction-free text editor for iPad designed for writers: Dropbox, color themes, live counters.

Video Poker Casino

Casual video poker reinvented: the fun and excitement of Las Vegas poker machines

Vault Breaker

Mastermind with numbers, a free code guessing logic puzzle for iPhone & iPad. Over 1 million downloads.

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