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About Me [+]

I'm a iOS mobile apps developer and CEO of my company. I live in Bucharest, Romania. A decade ago I started blogging during my MSc studies in Computer Science at Ecole Polytechnique, France. Since 2006 I've been a self-employed consultant/developer. I wrote my first iPhone apps in 2008 and fell inlove with iOS and the mobile ecosystem. Since then, iOS apps became my exclusive focus and passion.

Out of my tens of smaller or bigger apps, the ones you definitely should check out are:

Self Help Classics

Apple Staff Favorite, a must-have lifechanging ebook library of classic masterpieces on self help, success and inspiration from greatest thinkers, business men and gurus.

Clean Writer Pro

OSX text editor for writers & creative people: fast, powerful, minimalist. Color themes, minimal UI, Markdown, basic RTF & more.

Clean Writer for iPad

Distraction-free text editor for iPad designed for writers: Dropbox, color themes, live counters.

Video Poker Casino

Casual video poker reinvented: the fun and excitement of Las Vegas poker machines

Vault Breaker

Mastermind with numbers, a free code guessing logic puzzle for iPhone & iPad. Over 1 million downloads.